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Governor Scott Vetoed Law Allowing Increased Highway Speed Limits

Florida Governor Rick Scott vetoed Florida Senate Bill 392 (2014).  Click here to review the governor’s veto letter.  Had this bill become law it would have allowed the speed limit on certain highways in Florida to be increased to 75 mph, making auto accidents more likely to occur on Florida highways.  This veto keeps Florida in the majority of states with speed limits not in excess of 70 mph.  We previously posted about this bill, emphasizing the increased dangers of driving at higher rates of speed, including the occurrence and severity of an auto accident.  No matter the speed limit, we ask you

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Four Florida Metropolitan Areas Most Dangerous for Pedestrian Accident Nationwide

This week urban design activist organization, Smart Growth America, through its National Complete Streets Coalition, published Dangerous by Design 2014, a pedestrian safety report.  Dangerous by Design 2014 identifies four Florida metropolitan areas, including Miami-Fort Lauderdale, as the four most dangerous metropolitan areas for pedestrians nationwide.  Smart Growth America advocates for smart growth solutions as many American cities are undergoing urban revitalization.  As you drive through south Florida’s urban centers, you may have noticed signs in the middle of the road warning drivers to yield to pedestrians.  These and other safety precautions help lessen the number of pedestrian accidents.  A pedestrian accident usually results in catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death.  Drivers are required

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Florida Senate and House Unanimously Pass Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act

The Florida Senate and House of Representatives unanimously passed the Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act, which is awaiting the governor’s signature. The Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act would, among other things, increase the mandatory minimum prison sentence for a driver leaving the scene of a car accident involving injury or death of a cyclist or pedestrian. The Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act would remove an incentive under current law for drivers involved in a car accident with a cyclist or pedestrian to leave the scene. Click here to review the Senate bill, and click here to review the House bill. The Aaron Cohen Law

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Law Allowing Increased Highway Speed Limit on Governor Scott’s Desk

Last week the Florida House of Representatives adopted and passed Florida Senate Bill 392 (2014).  This bill, if signed into law by Governor Scott, would allow the speed limit on certain highways in Florida to be increased to 75 mph.  Florida would join a small group of states with speed limits in excess of 70 mph.  It is uncertain whether Governor Scott will veto the bill.  We previously posted about this proposed new law, emphasizing the increased dangers of driving at higher rates of speed.  Please slow down to help prevent and lessen the incidence of personal injury and wrongful death resulting from a

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Florida Senate Passes Bill to Allow Increased Highway Speed Limits

This week the Florida Senate passed Senate Bill 392 (2014).  If passed into law, this bill would allow speed limits on certain Florida highways to be increased to 75 mph.  Click here to review Senate Bill 392.  A similar bill, Florida House Bill 761 (2014), is being considered by the Florida House of Representatives.  Click here to review House Bill 761.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, “more than 10,000 deaths — about a third of all crash fatalities — occurred in speed-related crashes in 2012. High speeds make a crash more likely because it takes longer to stop or slow

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