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Sexual Abuse and Assault

Miami Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Have you or a loved one suffered sexual abuse or sexual assault?  You may be entitled to compensation. You should consult with a Miami sexual abuse lawyer. Contact The Berman Law Firm for a free sexual abuse case evaluation by a Miami sexual abuse lawyer.  We have successfully represented sexual abuse and sexual assault victims, including against the abusers and assailants and the apartment complexes, fraternity houses, and the religious and charitable organizations where the sexual abuse or assault occurred.

Sexual Abuse and Assault Law

Sexual abuse and assault incidents occur more often than we would like to think.  Many sex-related abuses go unreported for years or are never reported at all.  Sadly, sexual abuses and assaults are frequently perpetrated by individuals in a position of trust, such as daycare workers, camp counselors, clergy, and others to whom our most vulnerable members of society are entrusted.  Tragically, sexual abuse and assault often occur in daycare centers, camps, religious organizations, charities, residences, and other places of refuge and safe havens.  These organizations are legally obligated to hire and retain their employees and staff in a manner that is safe to the individuals they serve. They can and should be held to account if their negligent hiring and retention caused you to suffer the harms of a sexual abuse or sexual assault.  You may be entitled to recover money for your physical and emotional injuries, medical and mental health expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  If you are the victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault you need a Miami sexual abuse lawyer.

What to do if you suffer Sexual Abuse or Sexual Assault

Call 911 immediately if you are the victim of a sexual abuse or assault.  Give the police and paramedics a complete account of the incident and any injuries.  You should also write down the names and phone numbers of anyone who may have witnessed your incident.  Do not assume the police officer will include witness contact information in the police report.  Seek immediate medical attention for any physical injuries, and request a rape kit in the emergency room if one is not offered.  You may also want to confide in a trusted family member or close friend.  Therapy and legal counsel alone are not enough to help you rebuild your life in the wake of a sexual assault.  You will want to also rely on your personal support system.

Call us for a Miami Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Contact us to pursue your sexual abuse or assault claim.  Many organizations will deny and try to sweep your incident under the rug.  You need a Miami sexual abuse lawyer on your side.  We will quickly identify the responsible parties and secure all potential sources of financial recovery.  We will promptly investigate your incident to maximize the value of your claim.  Sexual abuse and assault claims in particular require extensive investigation to obtain all relevant witness statements to back up your account.  Our Miami sexual abuse lawyer will protect your rights and obtain the compensation to which you are entitled. We believe you, and we want to help you.  Contact us now.