The Florida Senate and House of Representatives unanimously passed the Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act, which is awaiting the governor’s signature. The Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act would, among other things, increase the mandatory minimum prison sentence for a driver leaving the scene of a car accident involving injury or death of a cyclist or pedestrian. The Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act would remove an incentive under current law for drivers involved in a car accident with a cyclist or pedestrian to leave the scene. Click here to review the Senate bill, and click here to review the House bill. The Aaron Cohen Law Initiative pushed the Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act through the legislative process.  The Aaron Cohen Law Initiative is a grassroots initiative honoring the memory of Aaron Cohen, a triathlete killed while cycling in Key Biscayne, Florida after being struck by the vehicle of an intoxicated driver who fled the scene of the accident.  A car accident involving a cyclist or pedestrian typically causes catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death.  Motorists are required by Florida law to share the road with cyclists and pedestrians.  Please take extra care when driving by cyclists and pedestrians.