This week the Florida Senate passed Senate Bill 392 (2014).  If passed into law, this bill would allow speed limits on certain Florida highways to be increased to 75 mph.  Click here to review Senate Bill 392.  A similar bill, Florida House Bill 761 (2014), is being considered by the Florida House of Representatives.  Click here to review House Bill 761.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, “more than 10,000 deaths — about a third of all crash fatalities — occurred in speed-related crashes in 2012. High speeds make a crash more likely because it takes longer to stop or slow down.  They also make collisions more deadly because crash energy increases exponentially as speeds go up.” The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also reports, “raising speed limits leads to more deaths.  People often drive faster than the speed limit, and if the limit is raised they will go faster still. Research shows that when speed limits are raised, speeds go up, as do fatal crashes.”  A high-speed car accident typically results in severe personal injury and often results in wrongful death. Regardless of the speed limit, slowing down even slightly while driving can reduce your risk of getting into a car accident. Driving slower can exponentially lessen the risk of severe personal injury or wrongful death if you are involved in a car accident.

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