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Personal Injury Claim Video Evidence

Video Evidence in Accident and Personal Injury Claim In this post we explain how video evidence can help prove your personal injury claim. Personal Injury Claims Are Founded on a Duty of Care Personal injury claim requires proof of an injury resulting from the negligence of another person or legal entity.  To hold the other party liable for your injuries you must first prove that they owed you a duty of care to protect you from harm.  For example, operators of motor vehicle owe other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians a duty of care to operate their vehicles in a safe

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Florida Statute Makes Windshield Repairs Free

A minor car accident or road debris can chip or crack your windshield. Windshield damage is extremely dangerous and should be repaired as soon as possible.  Many drivers are unable or unwilling to pay the expense of windshield repair or replacement.  However, you can have your windshield repaired or replaced for free in Florida.  There is a statute in Florida that prevents car insurance companies from applying a deductible to windshield repairs or replacements.  Click here to view the statute.  Driving your car with a damaged windshield can result in personal injury or wrongful death.  If your windshield is damaged in a

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