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Death by Taser Civil Rights Violation

In 2013, a Virginia man, Linwood Lambert,‬ was tased to death for running into a hospital emergency room that police officers drove him to.  MSNBC recently obtained video footage of the incident.  Click here to view the video.  Lambert was not suspected of a crime and was not armed.  He was only taken into custody to be transported to the emergency room for medical care. Lambert escaped from the patrol car when they arrived at the hospital and attempted to run into the emergency room.  Although the officers only picked Lambert up to bring him to the emergency room, several...

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Dancing Cop

Earlier this week a South Carolina police officer ripped a Spring Valley High School student out of her chair and threw her across the classroom for being defiant.  The Washington Post reports that in another highly publicized police incident this week, a Washington D.C. police officer gained the cooperation of a teenage bystander of a street fight by challenging her to a dance off. Click here for the Washington Post article and the video of the dance off. The video has gone viral on the internet under the title “dancing cop”. Unfortunately, police misconduct and civil rights violations such as excessive use of...

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No Civil Rights at Spring Valley High School

Apparently students have no civil rights at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina.  This week a female student sitting in class at Spring Valley High School had her desk and chair flipped upside down while she was sitting in it, and she was dragged across the classroom.  Click here to see the video footage of this egregious civil rights violation.  This horrific incident was committed by Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Fields. Deputy Ben Fields is reported to have a documented history of similar police brutality violations. Unfortunately, police misconduct such as excessive use of force, false arrest, false imprisonment,...

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Civilian Investigative Panel (CIP) oversees the Miami Police Department

The City of Miami’s Civilian Investigative Panel was created to provide civilian oversight of the Miami Police Department relating to police misconduct and civil rights violations.  The Civilian Investigative Panel was formed in 2002 following several highly publicized police shootings. The Civilian Investigative Panel investigates complaints about City of Miami police officers for police misconduct and civil rights violations such as false arrest, false imprisonment, excessive use of force, and various other forms of police brutality.  You can learn more about the City of Miami Civilian Investigative Panel by clicking here for its website.  The Berman Law Firm represents individuals who have suffered the indignity...

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