Current Pro Bono Projects

Humane Society of Greater Miami.  The Humane Society of Greater Miami gives homeless animals a second chance by providing shelter, food, and medical care for as long as it takes to find them homes.  The Berman Law Firm provides pro bono legal representation and counsel to The Humane Society of Greater Miami.

Small Claims Court Clinic.  The Small Claims Court Clinic is organized by Legal Services of Greater Miami and the Dade County Bar Association.  It provides low income individuals free legal advice by participating attorneys to assist them in filing or defending small claims. A wide range of matters is covered, including landlord-tenant disputes and unpaid wage claims.  The Berman Law Firm actively participates in the Small Claims Court Clinic, giving pro bono legal advice to low income individuals for small claims matters.

Past Pro Bono Projects

Put Something Back.  Put Something Back is the official pro bono program of Florida’s Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court and is administered in conjunction with the Dade County Bar Association.  The program provides low income individuals with access to the civil court system for a broad range of matters through volunteer law firms and attorneys.

Lawyers for Children America.  Lawyers for Children America is a child advocacy organization engaging volunteer attorneys as Attorneys Ad Litem. Attorneys Ad Litem represent children whose families are involved in dependency proceedings with the Florida Department of Children and Families. Attorneys Ad Litem advocate for their clients in court and coordinate their care and supervision with social workers, parents, and caregivers.